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Beaded Assemblages 1 and 2


Glass beads, thread, second-hand t-shirts, calico

29cm x 40cm (framed)

Bead 'drawings' that follow the colours, shapes and designs found on second-hand garments.  Corporate logos, children's characters, print designs -- all pulled out, flipped, and abstracted through chance cutting -- are reassembled onto calico and filled with lines of beading.

 Exhibited at Artisan, Brisbane in 2013 as part of 'Push/Pull', an exhibition of contemporary needlework.

Foot Piece

(with Madeleine King)


Graphite on Paper

35cm x 50cm (framed)

Commissioned for an exhibition at the Brisbane City Council Library, inspired by the life and work of fashion pattern-maker and publisher Enid Gilchrist, curated by Mark Neighbour.


A stencil taken from one of Gilchrist’s patterns for baby clothes is dropped repeatedly from on high and filled with the strokes of a graphite pencil.



Objects and garments, dimensions variable

Photographs by Paula Dunlop, Damian Dunlop, and the participants

Exhibition view, Wearer/maker/wearer


QUT Art Museum, Brisbane

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