Paula Dunlop is an artist, designer and maker based in Brisbane, Australia.  She has a persistent interest in materiality and making — our apprehension of, and how we engage with, the material ‘stuff’ of the world.  Dunlop's work explores the physical and cultural locations of making, and the bearing of these locations on what we do and how we do it — how we make, and are ourselves simultaneously made, by the practices, spaces and things we engage with.  She is drawn in particular to the histories and traditions of creative work undertaken in domestic spaces, and the way we conceptualise and engage with quotidian objects and materiality.  Dunlop employs time-honoured and time-consuming construction techniques, preferring to work by deferring to the limitations presented by the material or by deferring to the processes of the construction itself. 

Dunlop holds a diploma in Visual Art, a BFA (fashion design), and honours degree (first class).  In 2009 she co-founded the community fashion and art group The Stitchery Collective, and completed a PhD in fashion, design and ethics at the Queensland University of Technology in 2011.  In 2015 she launched her eponymous jewellery line.  Her art and design work has been shown in galleries throughout Australia, including Artisan (Brisbane), Object Gallery (Sydney) and Craft Victoria (Melbourne), and internationally at the Harbour Art Fair (Hong Kong), Space 776 (New York City), and Compere Collective (New York City).

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