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Diamond Screen 2023 Glass beads, nylon monofilament, steel mesh, timber, video monitors, sonar sensor Screens of all kinds are ubiquitous in our lives as boundary markers, filters, buffers, and mediators. Diamond Screen reimagines the components of a window: the four glass panels comprise thousands of diamond-shaped beads, hand woven into patterns that mimic the apetures of security doors and window grilles. The tactile surface of the panels, which visitors were invited to touch gently, is reminiscent of pressed door and window glass. Video vignettes play out on monitors behind, activated by the viewer's presence -- the light blurring and bending into movements of colour and shadow.

SATELLITE (wearables)


Sterling silver ball chain, sterling silver, Czech glass beads, thread



Stainless steel ball chain

23cm x 23cm x 88cm

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